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I authorize Barks Bed and Biscuit, to maintain my credit card number on file and charge purchases made and/or services rendered against my credit card at the prices in effect at the time of the services rendered. I authorize Bark’s Bed and Biscuit to “pre-charge” my credit card, in the approximate amount of the cost of services to be rendered, at their option, at either the time of my making a reservation or at commencement of my dog’s stay. In the event that my dog does not use the pre-charged services Bark’s Bed and Biscuit will credit my card for the amount charged, less any applicable cancellation fee. Final charges will be an amount sufficient to pay for all services rendered. Bark’s Bed and Biscuit may decline to provide services if a pre-charge or charge is declined for any reason. I will be responsible for any declination charge or late charge assessments or charges assess by the paying institution against Bark’s Bed and Biscuit for a dishonored transaction. I agree to be responsible for any declined charges for services rendered by Bark’s Bed and Biscuit. In the event my card cannot process payment due to a limitation placed on individual transaction, Bark’s Bed and Biscuit may divide the total charge into portions in order to process the charge. I guarantee payment for all services rendered. If for any reason my bill is not paid when presented and the services of an attorney are needed, I agree to pay for reasonable attorney fees and court costs.

Dogs must have secure collars or harnesses to wear during their stay at Bark’s Bed and Biscuit with an identification tag attached. Bark’s Bed and Biscuit will not be responsible for the loss of or damage to any personal property left at the facility (ex. beds, bowls, toys). Bark’s Bed and Biscuit cannot guarantee care for my dog unless I have made a reservation in advance. I understand that my dog will be taken out for business walks and that during these walks my dog will wear such collars and leashes as Bark’s Bed and Biscuit deems appropriate for maximum safety. My dog will be fed with properly labeled food that I leave at the facility or food that I bring to the facility. I understand that it is my responsibility to inquire with a Bark’s Bed and Biscuit supervisor that my dog has available food.  Bark’s Bed and Biscuit will administer only topical or oral medications that are properly labeled with instructions and only per my written request and authorization. Injections for medications is $2 per injection

I understand that Bark’s Bed and Biscuit reserves the right to refuse use of its facilities for dogs who, in its sole determination are unhealthy, act aggressively, are undisciplined or who evidence behavior that may be considered to be a danger to themselves, other animals or users. I have completed the Vaccination and Health Certification form and have returned this form completed by my veterinarian. Bark’s Bed and Biscuit reserves the right to limit usage if I do not comply with any health or safety rule and in that event I am not entitled to a refund or credit. I understand and acknowledge that I undertake responsibility for, and will not hold Bark’s Bed and Biscuit liable for any illness or ailment that my dog may incur while in the presence of other dogs at the facility.

Barks Bed and Biscuit reserves the right through the discretion of our professional kennel handlers to allow your dog/dogs to participate in playtime sessions. 

I acknowledge that dogs are encouraged to socialize and exercise at Bark’s, Bed, and Biscuit and that injuries and or illness might reasonably be foreseen to occur while my dog is at Barks Bed and Biscuit. I agree to assume risks and hazards that might arise from my dog’s interaction with other animals. I agree that Bark’s Bed and Biscuit shall not be responsible, monetarily or otherwise for injuries/illness to my dog which may arise in the course of play or which may be caused by the presence or actions of other dogs or any be caused by my dog running away. I shall hold Bark’s Bed and Biscuit harmless from, make no claim against and indemnify Bark’s Bed and Biscuit against any costs, damages, claims or expenses that may result from an injury/illness to my dog or to another dog, if caused by my dog. I understand that Bark’s Bed and Biscuit will contact me.  However, If Bark’s Bed and Biscuit is unable to make contact I understand that Bark’s Bed and Biscuit has the right to make the necessary decisions in emergency, medical, or other situations. If my dog should be injured or fall to illness or otherwise deemed by Bark’s Bed and Biscuit to require immediate veterinary attention, Bark’s Bed and Biscuit is authorized to consult with my veterinarian for treatment and/or guidance. If my veterinarian is unavailable, Bark’s Bed and Biscuit is authorized to use the services of any other veterinarian. I understand and agree that I am responsible for any charges with respect to any such veterinary care. I acknowledge and agree that any loss by fire or theft shall be limited to One Hundred Dollars.

I agree to allow Bark’s Bed and Biscuit to use my dog’s picture in marketing and promotional material to promote the services of Bark’s Bed and Biscuit.


By submitting the enrollment form, I acknowledge that I have read and accept the terms and conditions stated above.